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Ocon’s interest in using innovative wireless technologies goes back to the start of his career. After getting extensive training in engineering and communications in the U.S. Navy, Ocon was hired in 1993 as a consultant to work on the RF communications infrastructure for news operations at KNBC in Burbank, CA. While upgrading those systems, Ocon quickly picked up broadcast technologies and was given a full time position as a Field Engineer.


From here, he held increasingly senior positions at TV stations, cable operators and station groups. These include: Chief Engineer at KHRR-TV in Tucson (1996-1997); Senior Video Engineer in charge of three full equipped studios and mobile production facilities at the L.A. Division of Time Warner Communications (1997-1998); Chief Engineer for World Television (1999-2001); Chief Engineer at KREN-TV and KAZR-TV in Reno (2004-2005); and Deputy Director of Engineering at Pappas Telecasting Companies (2005-2008).


Between 1999 and 2004, he also used his IP and video transmission skills in a pioneering web streaming efforts. He co-founded Orange Coast InterCast, which worked for such clients at Sony Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment, Revolution Studios Microsoft and others. Click here for photos


As VP of Technology at Gray Television between 2008 and 2014, Ocon lead all technology initiatives for the company’s 56 local TV stations and became a leading advocate for adopting newer IP, IT, wireless and automation technologies, developing what became known as the Gray Model. This tech strategy, which were a significant break from the traditional broadcast infrastructures based on expensive, cumbersome and often inflexible proprietary technologies, allowed Gray to save money on capex and personnel while strengthening its news operations and providing it with a much more flexible infrastructure for capitalizing on business opportunities in digital media.


At Gray and then as VP of Engineering at KDFW-DT/DDFI-TV in the Fox Television Group from 2014 to 2016, Ocon continued his work on new networking and wireless technologies. He led effort at the Fox Television Group to design, develop and deploy a wireless “Mesh Hot Spot” IP infrastructure for news content as part of Fox’s “Newsroom-of-the-Future” initiative and he conceived and implemented their “Media Network” project, which was designed to help the company leverage IP based content using cloud-infrastructure.


Most recently, as VP of Business Development at Persistent Systems between 2016 and 2018, he introduced the company’s MESH MANET system to broadcasters. The technology, which was designed to improve connectivity and speed up the distribution of video while cutting contribution costs, won the NAB “Best of Show Award” in 2011. Jim continues to bring new ideas to market. He solves problems with innovative thinking and approaches.


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