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As a valued Persistent team member, Jim has been extremely helpful in the company’s efforts to introduce its technology to the Broadcast Media industry. Jim has worked closely with our Engineering Team to develop our forthcoming BAS Module, and he has been an advocate for his customers, inspiring us to add 59.94 and 29.97 frame rate capabilities to our video encoder. Jim has an incredible amount of industry knowledge, and we are grateful for his passion and tenacity in identifying customer needs and providing solutions.

Herbert Rubens

Founder and CEO, Persistent Systems, LLC

November 20, 2017, Herbert was senior to James (Jim) but didn’t manage directly




James takes on cutting edge technical challenges, ascertains practical, cost effective solutions and develops adaptable plans for implementation. He is a "constant learner" with a thirst for added knowledge. He is trustworthy, loyal, highly integrous, very intelligent, hard working, expert in his feld, and leads, inspires and motivates. He understands at his core how to be "hard on the problem and soft on the person".


Harry Pappas

Chairman & CEO at Pappas Telecasting Companies

February 25, 2010, Harry was a client of James (Jim)’s




Jim is a extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional who has lead the broadcast industry in many technical ways over the years. He is a major asset to the industry and highly recommend him to work with on any project.

Jason T. Hurley

Show Credits at Various

March 30, 2018, James (Jim) was a client of Jason’s




Jim connects the dots exceptionally well with hardware and software solutions.

Lisa Guill

Project Management & Strategies

March 27, 2018, James (Jim) worked with Lisa in the same group





James Ocon's experience in Live Television and Mobile Production was a critical asset to this ground breaking video streaming company. He gave us 10/10 on every production despite all odds.

Simon Talbot

Business Development - Telstra Broadcast Services

June 6, 2009, Simon managed James (Jim) directly




James has always been driven to not only achieve, but exceed project goals. His mastery of information technology combined with his advanced knowledge of media delivery makes him a highly valuable commodity in the broadcasting industry.

Johnny Lovato

Producer at EvisionTV

February 14, 2009, Johnny worked with James (Jim) but at different companies